Marko Kolor

Service Offer


Our company offers a various services in the sphere of textile finishing. Our specialisation is finishing fabrics: from natural fibres (cotton), man-made fibres (viscose) and synthetic fibres (polyester, polyamide, etc.) and also its combinations.


We offer you our services in:

> lab dyeing,
> washing,
> dyeing - atmospheric and pressure,
> bleaching,
> pigment, reactive printing - using the most modern screen
   rotary printing machine in Poland,
> transfer printing,
> raising, emeraising (in open/tube),
> brushing,
> tumbling,
> shearing,
> temperature fixation,
> compacting (in open/tube)> calendering.


We are finishing fabrics in open and also in tube:

> single jersey,
> interlock,
> isoli,
> jacquard,
> frotte with/without shearing,
> polar fleeces,
> technical knits and ones with lycra.


We are also finishing woven fabrics.