Marko Kolor





   The company: Marko-Kolor Sp. J.
   The owners: L. Frączkiewicz, W. Gajda, A. Katryński
   Legal and organisational form: Registered Partnership
   Year of establishment:    1992
   Registering agency: National Court Register
   Register no: KRS0000013723
   REGON: 470561622
   Tax Identification Number (Tax ID): 729-020-51-73



Head office Marko-Kolor:

    93-412 Lodz
    3/5 Barwna Street

    phone: +48 42-681-80-21
    fax: +48 42-684-66-73
    e-mail: barwna@marko-kolor.pl




Production mill Marko-Kolor:

    92-518 Lodz
    25 Techniczna Street

    phone/fax: +48 42-649-23-27
    phone/fax: +48 42-649-24-74
    e-mail: tgutowski@marko-kolor.pl



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